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Learn how to craft your favorite cocktails from your own kitchen or anywhere else you want! These interactive experiences have a range of options, including whether you want to get your own supplies or have ingredients shipped to you.
Pratt Standard Cocktail Company

Old Fashioned Cocktail Class

Have you ever wanted to perfect your Old Fashioned? Team-build while mastering the art of making this classic stirred drink, and variations on it in this 1-hour virtual class conducted via Zoom. Each class includes instruction on cocktail history, distilling, and bar techniques, as well as 3 complimentary cocktail syrups (a $51 value), shipped to each participant, that can be used to make Old Fashioneds and other drinks. This is a hands-on workshop, where we will teach you everything you need to know about whiskey varieties, garnishing, flavor theory, sweet-bitter balance, ice size, and dilution. You'll leave this class understanding how to make a variety of delicious Old Fashioneds. Includes 1 bottle each of our Rich Simple, Kola, and Earl Grey Vanilla cocktail syrups. One ticket/Zoom link per household.
Starting at 
$75 / person
Pratt Standard Cocktail Company

Cocktail Class

Have you ever wondered why to shake or stir a cocktail? This virtual class includes one hour of instruction on cocktail history, distilling, and on techniques like garnishing, shaking, and stirring. You and your team will learn three styles of cocktails (sodas, sours, and lowballs) and you'll learn lots of variations so you can always make something with what you have on hand in your home bar. This class includes a bottle of Pratt Standard Cocktail Syrup, of each participant’s choice, shipped to their home in advance of the class. This is a hands-on cocktail class, where you'll get to learn all the basic bar techniques you need to make any cocktail, and do a bit of shaking! You'll leave this class understanding how to make your own custom cocktails at home, as well as a few classics. Our instructors are fantastic and will happily answer any questions you have or give tips on how to use that weird liquor you've had forever but don't know what to do with. We demonstrate using non-alcoholic options for each cocktail, to make the class inclusive for non-drinkers as well as drinkers.
Starting at 
$30 / person
Columbia St. Roastery

Coffee Cupping

Our Virtual Coffee Cupping (Tasting) Class is a great way to figure out what coffees you like. We have made it simple and easy with our cupping kit. You will get 5 pre-measured packets of coffee that works with 8 to 12oz size coffee mugs. Via Zoom, we will walk you through the cupping steps and you will get to try a coffee from each coffee growing region (Central & South America, Africa, and Indonesia) as well as a natural processed coffee. For $20 more per person, we will include a Hario V60 for you to learn the steps of how to make the perfect cup of coffee. We will walk you step by step of the basics in order to know in how to make a great cup of coffee with the V60. We will also discuss the different variables that effect the overall flavor of coffee. In this class we will start with the basics and then test one of the variable - ratios - through three different pre-measured coffees included in the kit.
Starting at 
$30 / person

escape rooms

Enjoy the thrilling adventure and puzzle solving of an escape room without the claustrophobia. Perfect for team building or simply as a fun way to connect with friends!


Experience our group entertainment offerings. Our Event Providers have revised and upgraded their routines for the online format. Check them out to make your next Zoom worth turning on your video.
VirtualMagic Show
Andrew Evans

Live from The Magic Patio: An interactive, virtual magic show

Experience the unbelievable magic of Andrew Evans in his new, virtual magic show presented live from The Magic Patio—San Francisco’s most unique magic experience. Even from across a screen, minds will be read, cards will be found, and wine bottles will mysteriously multiply. $1500 for up to 60 guests/screens. Please reach out directly for larger group pricing.
Starting at 
$1500 flat rate
Angie Banicki - Mystic and Tarot Card Reader

Tarot Happy Hour

Gather your team of friends or coworkers and ask the cards! Angie gives insights, answers questions and has music that channels along with the readings. You can ask personal questions, questions about your product or work creations or ask about the world at large!
Starting at 
$1200 flat rate

Improv Workshop

3 HOUR CUSTOMIZED IMPROV WORKSHOPS FOR UP TO 15 PARTICIPANTS START AT $1800! TEAM BUILDING Here's your chance to be the coolest boss in town! Your team will have a blast exploring improv through a series of high energy games designed to build team spirit and collaborative thinking! No trust falls, promise. Come YES AND with us! LEADERSHIP Leaders do not dictate; they inspire and empower. Learn how to engage and coach your team productively through a series of exercises that focus on active listening, clear communication, and leading by example. CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION Challenge your team to think outside the box, take risks, and brainstorm dynamically through improvisation. We give you tools to not only get the creative juices flowing, but to conceptualize implementation. PRESENTATION AND PUBLIC SPEAKING A good pitch or relatable story can make or break a deal. Through a series of games and exercises your team will learn how to engage an audience with confidence, exhibit strong body language and overcome nerves by using the tools of improv. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Change is inevitable in the workplace. In this workshop, participants are encouraged to set their emotions aside and explore innovative ways to manage delicate situations. CREATE YOUR OWN Tell us what you have in mind for your team and let us pitch ideas for a perfectly customized experience that will deliver the results you are seeking.
Starting at 
$1800 flat rate
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