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VirtualMagic Show
Andrew Evans

Live from The Magic Patio: An interactive, virtual magic show

Experience the unbelievable magic of Andrew Evans in his new, virtual magic show presented live from The Magic Patio—San Francisco’s most unique magic experience. Even from across a screen, minds will be read, cards will be found, and wine bottles will mysteriously multiply. $1500 for up to 60 guests/screens. Please reach out directly for larger group pricing.
Starting at 
$1500 flat rate
Angie Banicki - Mystic and Tarot Card Reader

Tarot Happy Hour

Gather your team of friends or coworkers and ask the cards! Angie gives insights, answers questions and has music that channels along with the readings. You can ask personal questions, questions about your product or work creations or ask about the world at large!
Starting at 
$1200 flat rate

Improv Workshop

3 HOUR CUSTOMIZED IMPROV WORKSHOPS FOR UP TO 15 PARTICIPANTS START AT $1800! TEAM BUILDING Here's your chance to be the coolest boss in town! Your team will have a blast exploring improv through a series of high energy games designed to build team spirit and collaborative thinking! No trust falls, promise. Come YES AND with us! LEADERSHIP Leaders do not dictate; they inspire and empower. Learn how to engage and coach your team productively through a series of exercises that focus on active listening, clear communication, and leading by example. CREATIVITY AND INNOVATION Challenge your team to think outside the box, take risks, and brainstorm dynamically through improvisation. We give you tools to not only get the creative juices flowing, but to conceptualize implementation. PRESENTATION AND PUBLIC SPEAKING A good pitch or relatable story can make or break a deal. Through a series of games and exercises your team will learn how to engage an audience with confidence, exhibit strong body language and overcome nerves by using the tools of improv. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT Change is inevitable in the workplace. In this workshop, participants are encouraged to set their emotions aside and explore innovative ways to manage delicate situations. CREATE YOUR OWN Tell us what you have in mind for your team and let us pitch ideas for a perfectly customized experience that will deliver the results you are seeking.
Starting at 
$1800 flat rate


3-4 rounds of uncensored virtual trivia, guided by a comedian as a host!
Starting at 
$399 flat rate
Sweet Farm Foundation


A Goat-2-Meeting virtual experience is a great way to brighten your weekly team meetings and company happy hours! Our tour guide will join your meeting link, do a quick intro of the farm, and introduce you to the animals on your virtual tour. You can ask us questions or just hang out. Unlimited guests are allowed on any Goat-2-Meeting. UNLIMITED GUESTS, Please note: Corporate tours will be asked to provide us with your video conference meeting link. We can use the platform of your choosing. 10 MIN ($100) OR 20 MIN ($250).
Starting at 
$100 flat rate
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